Keep Your Site “On Scene”

We’ll keep your web presence up-to-date so that your site can always be seen, no matter how your audience accesses the web.

Engage Your Audience

Whether you’re packing thousands into theaters or starting your first show, you have one have one chance to make an impression on your potential fans. Your art represents you so let us bring your vision to life!

Your Brand, Your Style
For Any Type of Business

With a diverse portfolio and modern skill-set, we can take you to the next level in whatever game you’re in.

Web & Print Design

First impressions are everything, especially in the digital world. You can be one click away from disappearing out of view! Our print and web designs catch eyes and spark minds, drawing users to your message.

Get Mobile Responsive

These days, if your site can’t be loaded onto iPhone or Android, you may as well be using parchment and ink. Leave your old site in the dark ages, and let us give you a brilliant, bright new look with functionality for the 21st century.

Conquer Ecommerce

Is a little grocery cart icon on your “wishlist”? Allow customers to buy with a click, and watch your sales grow! We make it easy and safe for you to expand into the digital marketplace with confidence.

Entertainment Media

You’ve got your act together–but does your merch match? Rely on our experts to mold a streamlined identity across all your media (posters, dvd covers, merchandise and more). We’ll help you make a name for yourself by making you visible and memorable.

Watch Your Business Grow

Our goal is to help you get the most out of every project!

As your business, brand or name take root, we’ll be there to make sure your look is always current, consistent and communicating to your unique audience.

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Our Creative Team

Lacey Mason

Lacey Mason

Creative Director

Mad scientist of design who aligns her insatiable drive and perfectionist tendencies to your goals. Lacey has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design with a focus in Children’s Media which culminated in a position at the unparalleled Sesame Street Workshop – where she still works. She also works with internationally celebrated artists of stage and film, cherishes local business and museums, and has a passion for Children’s Education Media .

Michael Bean

Michael Bean

Digital Architect

Our “man of many hats” who crosses the t’s and dots the i’s on all our work–rounding out the final touches on our digital artistry by fine-tuning the infrastructure on our web projects.

Patti Naretta

Patti Naretta

Creative Copywriter

Wordsmith who gives your messages “pop” and purpose. Patti holds a bachelors degree in technical writing from the University of South Florida and has been writing professional website copy for everyone from caterers to colleges since 2009.

What Clients Have to Say About Our Work

“Lacey Mason has proven to be reliable, trustworthy and thorough in any endeavor she undertakes. Always punctual and diligent, she is an effective collaborator and often served as my liaison in numerous ventures such as animated credits design, poster designs, lending her expertise in the field of graphic design, social media promotion and website design. I have entrusted her with my personal and business affairs without reservation.”

Alba Garcia
Director, Fantasiations

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lacey both as director of the Sandwich Historical Society, having participated in her intrepid and beautifully organized “NH Kidventures”, and as owner of Tappan Chairs, for which I’ve called on her several times to edit digital renderings of my work for various web outlets. In every instance, Lacey’s work has been of the highest professionalism and caliber–and her creative output, as evidenced in “NH Kidventures”, brilliantly composed and created.”

Adam Nudd-Homeyer
Owner & Craftsman, Tappan Chairs
Executive Director,  Sandwich Historical Society

Portfolio of Work




Here is just a sampling of the things we can accomplish for your business.
Have ideas beyond the “menu”? You might be surprised by what else we can do–just ask!


Branding and Identity

Logos, style guides, and overall image services.

Merchandise Design

Customized, branded images and messages on anything and everything from tee shirts to mugs to magnets. We not only design, but help you find the best prices, and liaison with the producers to complete your orders.

Digital Services

Web design including mobile, e-commerce, social media management, and SEO optimization.

Copywriting and Editing

Engaging composition “from scratch” or a simple reorganization and perking up your existing materials.

Print Design and Ordering

Business cards, letterhead, booklets and catalogs, banners, posters, stickers, and more.

Social Media Management

Not sure if you should be tweeting, hash-tagging or pinning? Social Media services can include brand registrations on major sites, content distribution across platforms, comment monitoring and training so you can learn the ins and outs.

New York Roots, Branches All Over the Globe

We’ve finally hit the age of wrist computers and dashboard navigators! So it’s no wonder that even a small design studio like ours has clients so far out of our time zone that we can literally get work to them “yesterday.”

Be it over telephone or internet wire, we’ll make you feel cozy in our virtual office.


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